Gowalla’s New ‘Highlights’ Simplify Location Reviews

Gowalla’s New ‘Highlights’ Simplify Location Reviews

Most location-based services have the option to review the places you go to, whether via leaving tips and comments for other users or by writing out something a little fuller. The problem is, it’s a bit of a chore for users to do. A new feature from Gowalla may change that.

In a blog post today, Gowalla has announced ‘Highlights‘. These are described as “Little rewards you can give to places that are important to your life”. Essentially it’s a badge that you can award to a location you think merits it. Among the Highlights currently availabale are ‘Best Cup’ for your favourite coffee shop, ‘Best Live Music’ (pretty self-explanatory) and even ‘My Happy Place’ for the places that simply make you happy. Some Highlights are more like tags than reviews, you can award highlights to places you went to school or got married at, for example.

A nice feature is that you can view all the places tagged with a particular Highlight on the Gowalla website. Here are all the Best Kept Secrets, for example.

Users can currently add Highlights to venues via the Gowalla website, but the service’s mobile apps will be updated with the feature soon.

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