Check-in with fruit as Gowalla version 1.0 for BlackBerry now available.

Check-in with fruit as Gowalla version 1.0 for BlackBerry now available.

Gowalla, my personal favorite check-in service of choice, have updated their previously less than great BlackBerry app, taking version 1.0 out of beta and making it available to all.

Some of the features of Gowalla for BlackBerry version 1.0 include, the ability to add pictures to spots, keep track of virtual items, check-in to and share your favorite spots with Facebook and Twitter contacts.

The Gowalla blog post expands on the release:

“Brand-new improvements to the Gowalla app for BlackBerry rolled out over the weekend, including:

  • Trips
  • Items
  • Take and post photos
  • Ability to post threaded comments

We’re pretty stoked with this latest version of our BlackBerry app, enough so that we’re deeming it out of beta and bestowing the title Gowalla 1.0 on it!”

Gowalla differs from the check-in app that most hear about, Foursquare, by focusing on a more visually appealing design and gaming element to its application. With Gowalla you can find virtual items when checking in, trade them for items left at spots where you check-in and earn signature stickers with grand designs checking-in to famous spots or completing trips to locations.

With Facebook for BlackBerry lacking “Places” at present, it is my opinion that if you want to venture into the land of checking-in when on the go, Gowalla is your best option.

You can get Gowalla for BlackBerry version 1.0 below.

Are you a Gowalla user?  If not, do you use Facebook “Places,” Foursquare, another service, or combination of several?

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