Beware: fake Tweetdeck “download” tweets hide software trojan

Beware: fake Tweetdeck “download” tweets hide software trojan

Tweetdeck has announced that a series of malicious tweets are circulating that ask users to download a new version of Tweetdeck, but actually the link downloads a software trojan (virus) onto your computer.

Possibly, this attack was timed to coincide with Twitter’s move to OAuth today – i.e. the attackers may have thought that some people would think they needed to upgrade Tweetdeck because of the change – but no way to know for sure.

Here’s how Tweetdeck’s blog explains the threat:

“We are seeing a number of updates on Twitter urging users to download a file called “tweetdeck-08302010-update.exe” from a URL beginning with

These tweets are from hacked accounts and this file does not come from us. Do not download it.

Official updates are exclusively available at: To ensure your safety TweetDeck files should only be downloaded from this location… If in doubt, only download from here or itself.

The updates often being with one of the following phrases:

  1. TweetDeck will work until tomorrow, udate now!
  2. Download TweetDeck update ASAP!
  3. Update TweetDeck!
  4. Hurry up for tweetdeck update!
  5. Sorry for offtopic, but it is a critical TweetDeck update. It won’t work tomorrow!

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