Unprinted: Beautiful portfolio management via the iPad

Unprinted: Beautiful portfolio management via the iPad

TNW Quick Hit

Unprinted is a truly great, iPad-based solution to the problem of displaying your portfolio.

Love It: No more tree killing. Slick interface. Can update projects as they go.

Hate It: Still no cure for the luddite client.

Overall: Pending availability

The Details

Let’s say that you’re a graphic designer. You have your own portfolio, plus a number of projects all going on simultaneously. In years past, the easiest way to show off your ideas was to print out a copy of your portfolio, costing you time and money and a bit of guilt for killing more trees every time you needed to update.

With the uptake of the iPad in business, Unprinted seems to be more natural progression than true breakthrough, but manages to solve all of the problems of showing off your work.

Unprinted will allow you to maintain multiple portfolios. So let’s say that you typically do design work for the shirt and tie crowd, but you also enjoy graffiti art, now you don’t have to lay out the extra cash to print a second set of your work. Project management is also very easily done, as you can add and remove entries to your Unprinted interface quickly.

Presentation is truly the key point to Unprinted. No more worries about slow connections to your web-based portfolio, no more whiteboard designs or last-minute scrambles to the print shop. The only down side that can really be said of Unprinted isn’t a fault of the application itself but rather on the part of the client. You simply can’t convince some people that you’re not just “being cheap” by using a digital medium.

While Unprinted isn’t available in the App Store just yet, the idea behind it is very solid. We’re looking forward to really jumping into it, and will update the Overall score as well as this review when that time comes.

Update: Unprinted can now be downloaded from the App Store for $2.99

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