Turn yourself into a total trending topic tycoon with TrendTopic.

Turn yourself into a total trending topic tycoon with TrendTopic.

TNW Quick Hit

TrendTopic for iPad provides trending topics, intuitive I know, using data pulled from Google Trends’ Hot Searches.

Love It: Find out what’s trending right from your iPad and view information on the topic from a variety of sources.

Hate It: No.  Wait, that wasn’t a question.

Overall: 4/5

The Details:

I am extremely poor at knowing what news trending at any point during the day the topic is related to technology, social networking, gadgets, and subjects tangentially related.  That may be the reason behind my generally awkward social interactions with other humans.

TrendTopic for iPad (free) is the kind of app someone like yours truly can use and use often, to find out what is topical at any given point in the day.  The app uses Google Trends’ Hot Searches, based on terms others have recently searched, or you can conduct your own search by entering a search term in the search bar at the top of the app.  Google Trends’ Hot Searches terms are presented to the user in the right hand side of the app’s screen with arrows displaying if the topic is trending up or down.

Selecting a topic presents the user with results from Google News Search, Google Blog Search, or Twitter.

TrendTopic for iPad also allows one to see items related to the topic on Amazon, YouTube and Google Web Search, either within the app, or by leaving the app and opening the page in Safari on the iPad.

TrendTopic for iPad is easy to use, has a really nice user interface, and is feature-rich for a free app.  For those looking to keep up with the latest popular topics who may not be Google Trend savvy and/or not on Twitter, this is a must-have iPad app.  For those that don’t fall into the aforementioned categories, this app is extremely helpful and something you should consider downloading.

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