Market Scan for iPad is a slick, fast, stock market tracking app for serious investors

Market Scan for iPad is a slick, fast, stock market tracking app for serious investors

If you’re going to pay $30 for an iPad app, you probably are expecting a lot of productivity and/or return on investment for that premium. The newly released Market Scan iPad app by missingSTEP – which also developed the Daily Stocks iPad app – seems to fit that ROI bill.

The app is clearly aimed at savvy investors and delivers a lot of analysis options as well as a slick interface and fast loading results. On top of that, even though it is a v1.0, the app seemed very stable (which you would hope with its $30 price tag), and the limited feedback on the App Store page so far (the app was just released yesterday) is very positive.

So what exactly does Market Scan do? Well, it allows an investor to combine parameters, including popular indicators and up to the last four trading days (which it claims is unique) and mesh and other criteria together to form thousands of combinations of data from which you can create you own custom “scans” or lists of stocks, which you can then track and share via email whenever you want.

The app developers have also done a great job of providing a tutorial as well as a number of predefined scans such as “Extremely Oversold Stocks”, “Bollinger Band Breakout Strategy”, and “Stochastic Turning From Oversold Level”.

Right now this app only scans US based stocks, though the developers say they plan on offering international stocks in the future, as well Index conformation, alerts, stock search with list of important technical condition,technical indicators and price divergences in future updates.

One you have created a scan, you can then drill down to the actual stock and then analyze it in a graphical manner (watch the video to see how slick that is). Overall, Market Scan seems to be a powerful and well designed app that serious investors will be very interested in exploring.

Here’s our video review followed by some screenshots:

(Note: there is another app in the App Store called Market Scan, this one is officially: Market Scan – Stock Technical Analysis)

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