Distort the dickens out of your photos with Photastic HD for iPad.

Distort the dickens out of your photos with Photastic HD for iPad.

TNW Quick Hit

Photastic HD is an image warping and destruction app for the iPad.

Love It: Use any picture saved to your iPad, distort it, and save your creation to your photo gallery.

Hate It: Limited selection of distortion modes, not a universal app.

Overall: 3.5/5

The Details:

Are you warped?  Do you like taking something plain and completely destroying it?  You’re sick and need help.  I jest.

Photastic HD for iPad is a photo distortion app for the iPad with some really slick features, which can be had for the low, low, price of $.99.

The app, created by Gedalia Pasternak, “a Computer Graphics Engineer whose work has been seen in television commercials, video games, and the occasional military training system, as well as in the hands of bored teenagers at art museums.” Allows one to use a photo from your iPad library and distort it in some very interesting ways:

  • The app features 3 Different Photo distortion modes.
  • Shatter your photos into thousands of pieces and watch them respond to gravity and reform.
  • Liquify your image, turning it into a swirly puddle of goo.
  • Grid Distort – Push and pull your image and then watch it snap back. Supports 6 multiple sized brushes: inflate, deflate, spin, swirl, pulse and drag.
  • Save your creations to your iPad photos.

The app also supports VGA out, and includes three different healing modes.

The app is not universal to both the iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad, like competitors Facemelter and Fluid FX, both $1.99, and contains fewer features than both of the aforementioned apps.  That said, Photastic HD is a really neat photo distortion alternative to the two apps listed above.

Photastic HD is an app worthy of your consideration if you prefer ease of use, albeit while receiving many great features for distorting the dickens out of your photos.

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