Siri, the iPhone personal assistant, gets “pushy” with its latest update.

Siri, the iPhone personal assistant, gets “pushy” with its latest update.

Siri, a voice-guided application that can act as a personal assistant or concierge, purchased by Apple in April for a reported $200 million, is a grand iPhone app.  Siri gathers answers and actions from your favorite brands and takes care of the arduous task of making reservations and more, for you.

Back then our own, and my hero, Brad McCarty, made this statement, “I’m going to go ahead and call this now:  Look for Apple to integrate more features into Siri.”

NostraMcCarty was right.

As I enjoyed my nightly jaunt around iTunes (I know, pretty sweet evening) I discovered that the Siri app for iPhone update had just went live, although it appears the updates may not be available for all just yet. (Update: Siri update now available for all in the App Store)

What does Siri 3.2 add to its already great features?

  • SIri can now send alerts for reminders! (Push Notifications)
  • Existing OpenTable reservations can be modified
  • Spoken requests can be edited by tapping speech bubbles
  • The obligatory numerous bug fixes and understanding improvements

A personal assistant on your iPhone is something anyone could use, and Siri more than adequately assists those seeking to book restaurants, movies, taxis and more.

If you don’t have Siri, download the free app here.  If you are a Siri user, what do you most use the app for?

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