iPad app fail. sobees Social Media for iPad.

iPad app fail. sobees Social Media for iPad.

TNW Quick Hit:

sobees Social Media is the first iPad app that allows one to manages both Facebook and Twitter.

Love It: Ability to view Facebook and Twitter feed in one app.

Hate It: Limited functionality for both Facebook and Twitter.

Overall: 2/5

The Details:

sobees one of the better desktop applications for aggregating Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Digg, Flickr and YouTube, has a new app for the iPad, sobees Social Media ($3.99).

sobees Social Media is an iPad app that manages both Facebook and Twitter.  A grand idea with poor execution.

sobees Social Media is not for the Twitter or Facebook power user by any stretch of the imagination.  The app claims to combine “both a powerful Twitter client and a Facebook one, all in an easy-to-use, attractive interface.”

Interface?  Nice.  Powerful?  No.

The features of this app include:

• View Twitter and Facebook feeds
• Read comments posted on Facebook
• Comment and like Facebook items
• Reply/DM/Retweet/Quote/Favorite a Tweet
• Manage Twitter lists
• Get quick facts on any link
• Post something on both services simultaneously
• Post pictures

Good features,  but for those that manage multiple Twitter accounts and Facebook pages, don’t expect this app to provide you with the capability to accomplish all of your Twitter and Facebook needs.

While the app is certainly a step in the right direction, combining Twitter and Facebook in one nicely designed app, the limited Facebook and Twitter functionality are noticeably absent.  sobees Social Media is not a strong to quite strong app at this point.  Hopefully with the power of sobees behind the app, future updates will provide a more full featured Twitter and Facebook management option on the iPad.

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