Turn your iPad into a personal training machine with ITGO HD.

Turn your iPad into a personal training machine with ITGO HD.

TNW Quick Hit:

ITGO HD, Interval Trainer GO, is a dedicated interval interval trainer for the iPad.

Love It: Allows one to use their iPad as part of their workout routine, featuring a brilliant user interface and impressive features.

Hate It: Will force one to workout due to a brilliant user interface and impressive features.

Overall: 4/5

The Details:

Appnoose Ltd has released the iPad version of their immensely popular iPhone and iPod touch Interval Training App, ITGO.

ITGO HD for iPad ($5.99) takes training on the iPad to never before seen places with a grand set of features and a wonderful design.

ITGO HD for iPad features:

  • Dual automated music playlists for fast and slow intervals.
  • Voice, beep and custom prompts.
  • Concentric dial timers that include separate interval timers as well as a session timer.

Using ITGO HD is quite simple, based around three main screens; the Timer, Settings and Audio screens. All one has to do is select a session, workout time, the fast interval duration and the slow/fast interval ratio. ITGO HD users can also switch to the Sounds page to select music from their onboard iPod library for separate slow/fast playlists.

Moreover, the Sounds page includes options to choose audio prompts, select the playlist play mode and volume settings for the prompts and music. The music playlists can be set to shuffle, repeat or just play in order.

The Timer screen then counts down the intervals in circular segments and displays individual numerical timers for the fast and slow intervals and total session duration as well as the currently playing song.

“ITGO HD for the iPad is much better suited to group activity than the iPhone version”, declares Owen Hunte, ITGO inventor. “By connecting to a PA system iPad users can have a sophisticated work out generator that would be totally amazing in a group or class environment such as aerobics, spinning or just at home”, he continues. “Of course it would excel without a PA system for individuals or groups in a small room, home gym or hotel suite given the iPad’s great speaker playback capabilities”.

If you have been searching for the perfect way to include your iPad in your workout regimen, ITGO HD is the best app for doing so.  ITGO HD provides the perfect confluence of features and technology to kick your workout routines into high gear.

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