Google Earth for Android updated, taking you under the sea.

Google Earth for Android updated, taking you under the sea.

Google Earth has been updated for Android devices.

According to a post on the Google Lat Long Blog, “Now you can take three-quarters of this vast planet – the ocean – with you on your mobile device by downloading the new Google Earth 1.1 for Android.”

Version 1.1 of Google Earth for Android offers users the truly neat ability to discover the marine world right from your mobile phone.

Google uses the following example to demonstrate the unique features of Google Earth 1.1 for Android:

“For example, check out the landscape and terrain in Monterery Bay Canyon, which is larger than the Grand Canyon, by zooming in on Google Earth below the ocean surface just off the coast. Once underwater, you can use the “look around” button to tilt the view and see the extent of this great undersea canyon.”

Other features of the update include:

  • “Explore the Ocean” layer, which features hundreds of photos and videos from more than 100 contributors who are excited to share their stories of the sea.
  • Plan or get a sneak peek of your next vacation during your daily commute by clicking on any of the little blue icons. The gold highlighted icons represent content from the Mission Blue Hope Spot initiative.

For those using Android 2.2, you have been given some additional goodies in this latest update.  Google Earth 1.1 for Android have added Flash support, and easier navigation controls.

Google Earth for Android 1.1 is available in the Android Market today for most Android devices running version 2.1 or later, or you can scan the QR code below.    Once you download, let us know how you enjoy the new features.

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