Tweet Flow Is Seesmic Look For Your iPad

Tweet Flow Is Seesmic Look For Your iPad

TNW Quick Hit:

Tweet Flow is a fun, consumer friendly Twitter application for your iPad that takes strong design cues from Seesmic Look.

Love It: Innovative display. Visually appealing.

Hate It: Not quite enough for power users.

Overall: 4/5 or 3/5, depending on your use.

The Details

Tweet Flow is not an industrial strength application, and so for many people it will feel underpowered. This is not necessarily a bad thing, for the casual consumer it is a blessing. For the people reading this blog however, I suspect it will be something of a problem. Prominent advertisements also bog down the experience.

The application features an innovative way to view tweets, making it visually appealing to read and peruse the latest updates from your friends. The app has two distinct features that we like, emailing tweets and a simple “My Profile” button that loads your personal profile and background.

All in all Tweet Flow is a very fun, simple Twitter client that will appeal to casual tweeters. To give you a walking tour, I shot a short video of the application in progress. You can find the app in iTunes here.

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