Notifo Is Real Time Push Updates For Everything

Notifo Is Real Time Push Updates For Everything

People often give Ycombinator a hard time, and it’s true that lots of fluff comes from the  incubator, but Notifo, a YC company, is no app to forget about. The product is an industrial strength platform for real-time push notifications from all sorts of sources, making it an ideal companion for the on-the-go road warrior.

Notifo is both a mobile application (iOS only at the moment, with Android and BlackBerry on the way), and a desktop program (OS X now, Linux on the way), meaning that you can use it on the go or at your desk. Our sincere apologies to Android using Windows owners, you are just plum out of luck. Why they are not working on a Windows 7 app is beyond comprehension.

However, if you can use the application, it has the makings of something that could be rather powerful. Unlike other applications like Boxcar, Notifo is broad. Today for its launch, the application can handle 9 different sources of real time updates that will be pushed to you at rocket speed.

Don’t believe it? In testing this application I added as a service, and in under 5 seconds it had hit my iPhone up asking if indeed I had wanted to sign up for push updates from that provider. What can Notifo do right now? It can aggregate updates in real time from Google Voice,, SponsoredTweets, HackerNews, GitHub, Listia, Femtoo, Skribit, and a timer application. Powerful stuff indeed. Check out or (shaky) test using Twitter @ messages and

The app and the service are free right now, so go check them out.

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