Trillian Comes To Android In Beta

Trillian Comes To Android In Beta

Trillian, the little IM aggregator that could, has finally come to Android devices today with its first beta release.

The app works natively on Android 1.6 and above, and offers a landscape mode, tabbed chat, buzzing of friends (i.e. to get them to respond to you) and photo sharing in IM from your phone.

The app works with a variety of instant messenger services including Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, AIM, Google Talk, Facebook chat and Jabber. Cerulean Studios, which develops the freely available Trillian built the Android app from the ground up after offering both iOS and Blackberry versions.

Right now, you’ll need to go to the website to download the app, and the beta is a “timed beta” meaning that when Cerulean Studios updates the app, the current app will no longer work and you’ll have to go back and download the newer version. In a blog post, the developers said:

“Over the coming weeks we will be fixing bugs and crashes, working to heavily optimize speed and performance, and finalizing our ’service’ infrastructure to improve the reliability of background notifications. Beta testers should expect a few bumps and crashes along the way as we begin our full test on all of the many possible Android devices!”

Regardless, a native Android app is certainly going to be great news for Trillian fans out there.

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