Facebook for BlackBerry update now available. Temper your excitement.

Facebook for BlackBerry update now available.  Temper your excitement.

Use a BlackBerry?  After the underwhelming launch sales for the Torch, BlackBerry is hoping its Facebook updates will bring some excitement for those that use the social networking app on their BlackBerry Device.  It does anything but.

Facebook for BlackBerry version 1.8 is now available in the BlackBerry App World and features very few exciting updates.

Here’s what you can expect from version 1.8 (Note the absence of Facebook’s “Places” feature):

  1. Push Based Notifications
  2. Receive push notifications for the following features on the go without having to integrate an email account with your BlackBerry smartphone: Comments on Status/Links/Photos, Wall Posts,Friend Requests, Group/Event Invitations, Event Updates/Cancellations, Messages, Tags in one of your photos, Pokes (Hooray!?), Phone Requests Received/Accepted
  3. Friends List Performance: Faster loading speeds, supports up to 5000 friends.
  4. Photo Performance: Faster loading speeds and larger thumbnails than Facebook 1.7
  5. News Feed Performance: News Feed automatically loads additional without the need to request more

From the 2 out of 5 stars received by the app on BlackBerry App World, it appears most BlackBerry owners are none to pleased with the app at present.  What are your impressions of the app? If you’re a BlackBerry user, do any of the updates please you?

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