MyTown hits 350k product check-ins per week. Reveals new corporate partnerships.

MyTown hits 350k product check-ins per week. Reveals new corporate partnerships.

MyTown, from Booyah! which recently added product check-ins to its wildly popular service, has today announced another milestone, 350,000 product check-ins per week and some new corporate partnerships that should make the service even more widely adopted.

For those unfamiliar with the iPhone and iPod touch app, MyTown uses GPS features to check-in at real-world locations to unlock rewards.  Players can buy and upgrade shops, enjoying MyTown ownership of their favorite real-life places.  Users can also collect rent when other people check-in to their shops.  The more a place is frequented, the more it raises your shops’ value and rent.  In MyTown, players can also use power-ups to unlock more locations to buy.

MyTown, has over 2.8 million active users, closely trailed by Foursquare, which recently announced that it has hit the 2.6 million user mark, is upping the ante with an announcement via Twitter today regarding numbers of product check-ins per week and new partnerships with haircare line Pantene and discount fashion chain, H&M.

According to the blog post from Booyah!:

“For those of you unfamiliar with this feature, the Product Check-in allows players to directly interact with products in a fun and rewarding manner. Players simply scan the bar code of their favorite Pantene or H&M items using the built in iPhone camera (or input the numbers if using an iPod/iPad) to unlock branded items packed with points and virtual cash! Check it out by scanning H&M’s Denim Day merchandise and Pantene’s new line of hair products!”

“Pantene and H&M are the first brands to take advantage of the Product Check-in, but more coming soon.”

An interesting turn of events in the race to become the check-in application leader.  Are you a MyTown user, Foursquare user or both?  What propels you to use your service of choice and will MyTown’s new features alter which app you primarily use?

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