Slideshare: 30 million monthly visits, and a new freemium model for pro users.

Slideshare: 30 million monthly visits, and a new freemium model for pro users.

Chances are you’re already familiar with Slideshare. It has become, arguably, the best way to share presentations across the Internet. As the service has grown, however, Slideshare has ssen many requests for more features such as analytics and tracking.

Today, that wish gets granted as Slideshare goes freemium.

While there is still a free option available for those of us who do the one-off presentation sharing or don’t need the deeper integration of the service, there are now 3 levels of Slideshare Pro for those who do:

According to Slideshare, the company has partnered with companies such as Dell, Microsoft and Cisco to help develop the features and to really get a better idea of how people use Slideshare.

Among the new features, you’ll find analytics, including tweet and shares tracking. You’ll also find that you can now customize your Slideshare channel to your company’s brand and have better channel customization including comment moderation.

According to Slideshare CEO Rashmi Sinha:

“We have been listening closely to our customers, who have been asking for advanced features and customization. Given the large number of businesses that use SlideShare, a PRO plan fits in naturally. It allows us to keep building our community with a compelling free offering, and to layer on advanced functionality that lets businesses and professionals to get the most out of SlideShare.”

It’s also very likely that you remember us talking about Jess3, the creative agency behind the design of Facebook Stories. Here’s what Jesse Thomas had to say about the new service:

“As an interactive agency with client and company content distribution challenges, we have found that SlideShare Pro is very close to a silver bullet solution.  SlideShare takes branded pages very seriously, offers robust sharing functionalities, lead gen management and analytics. Further, we believe that SlideShare is a platform like YouTube, Facebook or Twitter that all brands need to take very seriously. We store a variety of file types there and encourage clients to do the same. SlideShare is not just for presentations anymore!”

Slideshare reports a monthly traffic flow of over 30 million visitors, so it’s honestly no surprise that the service has adopted some tiered pricing. Head over to Slideshare, take a look and see if the new features are what you might have been missing.

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