FunChat adds photo flair to your iPhone messages.

FunChat adds photo flair to your iPhone messages.

TNW Quick Hit

FunChat (free) lets you send email, SMS and MMS messages to individuals or groups embedded in a photo from the app’s library of pictures.

Love It: Fun and easy to use. Free app and free messaging from within app.

Hate It: Not useful when sending long or professional messages.

Overall: 4/5

The Details:

FunChat from FunMobility is a new iPhone app that allows one to send individual or group email, SMS and MMS messages with added visual elements.

FunChat, a free app, lets users send free, unlimited, SMS and MMS messages for app to app conversations, and the app allows one to send messages for free to any phone.

Launch the FunChat app, select your recipient(s), add your text and select a picture from the app’s library.  Once selected, your message is embedded in the picture and ready to send.

For a free iPhone app, FunChat is quite fun to use and from the positive response I received from those I sent FunChat messages to, creates messages others enjoy receiving.  FunChat is a really neat app that adds a new dimension to sending email, SMS, and MMS messages, and best of all, is free and can save you money.

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