ESPN Passport iPhone app wants to take you out to any ballgame.

ESPN Passport iPhone app wants to take you out to any ballgame.

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ESPN Passport (free), a new app from the “Worldwide Leader in Sports,” allows you to check-in at sporting events, keep track of the sporting events you attend, and share your experiences at the game with anyone on the planet.

Love It: Provides sports fans with a method of keeping track of sporting events attended and other interesting statistics related to your visits to see your favorite team(s).

Hate It: ESPN Passport is ad-supported in an obtrusive way, and is yet another entry into the already crowded check-in app field.

Overall: 4/5

The Details:

ESPN Passport is a new app for the iPhone designed to allow you to check-in to sporting events and share your sporting event experiences with your social networks.

One grand aspect of ESPN Passport is the ability to track all of the sporting events you attend, passport-style.  No more saving ticket stubs or trying to remember if you did indeed attend a certain game you thought you did but can no longer remember thanks to a prolonged bout of inebriation while at the game.

  • Trend information in the way of comments and photos from other fans from the most popular recent games.
  • Comment posting to ESPN Passport, Facebook and Twitter while at the game, with the ability to converse with other fans also checked in at the game.
  • Posting photos to ESPN Passport, Facebook and Twitter simultaneously, while viewing the photos of others at the game.
  • Check how many games you’ve attended compared to other fans.  Think mayorship of Foursquare for ESPN Passport without a receiving a “cool” title like mayor.
  • Check the boxscore, summary, and play by play all within the app.

ESPN Passport is an interesting idea for fans of sport.  Unfortunately, the in-app ads make this app less grand than it could be.  That said, if you’re a sports fan, this free app is worth checking out.

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