Dragontape: Turn YouTube into your own customized mixtape

Dragontape: Turn YouTube into your own customized mixtape

TNW Quick Hit

Dragontape lets you make a 3 hour mixtape of your favorite YouTube videos.

Love It: Incredibly simple. Great visual editor.

Hate It: Sometimes strange transitions. No iPad support.

Overall: 3/5

The Details

In a world where everybody can be an iPod DJ, there are very few ways to set yourself apart. Dragontape will takes the “everyone’s a DJ” idea and goes a step further by allowing you to create mixtapes of your favorite YouTube videos.

While Dragontape is, essentially, a playlist editor for YouTube it does have a few other great features. A drag and drop interface will let you cut out parts of videos that you don’t want to see, layering in others instead.

Beyond that, once you’ve completed your Dragontape, it gets its own unique URL that you can share with others. Unless a video happens to be deleted, your Dragontape will stay around forever.

While there are still quite a few features that are notably missing, Dragontape assures us that they’re in the works. Soon, the site will ad the following:

  • HTML5 player
  • Vimeo, Dailymotion and MetaCafe integration
  • Fullscreen playback
  • Trimming/Cropping of videos
  • Embeddable player

For now, it’s still a fun service to use and there are some interesting tapes that have already been made. Head over, drag in some clips and tell us what you think.

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