Rowfeeder Reinvents Its Social Media Monitoring Tool

Rowfeeder Reinvents Its Social Media Monitoring Tool

Rowfeeder, the product of the friendly and transparent Untitled Startup, has just released a rather large upgrade to its product, moving to a full Excel integration to better display aggregated data.

If you don’t know, and you really should, Rowfeeder is an amazing tool for tracking keywords on the two social platforms that matter: Facebook and Twitter. Rowfeeder follows your keywords and saves them into a spreadsheet that you can monitor. Along with the usage of the keyword, Rowfeeder provides a wealth of information about who said the magic words you are interested in.

It’s really rather addictive to have that much data to work with. If you mange a brand, and never want to miss a tweet or post about it, Rowfeeder can provide you with an amazing running list of mentions that you can then follow-up on based on any metric you want. Respond to the people with most followers first? The people with the highest Klout score? You get the idea.

Rowfeeder used to be integrated tightly with Google Docs, but that was a constant headache for the company and its users. Now, the company views Docs as merely an additional feature to the product, and has launched an Excel side to Rowfeeder that is much more feature rich, stable, and readable.

When you use Rowfeeder now you will be given Excel reports. Not those awkward, nasty CSV files we all hate, but files “complete with raw data and pre-populated graphs for a range of use cases.” This allows “Excel users [to] start crunching social media data without creating new workflows or learning complex new technologies.” These Excel files are rather pretty, take a look:

Great stuff, right? Rowfeeder is doing an excellent job taking a small idea and turning it into a must have tool. Rowfeeder has both free and paid plans, and can handle the most casual user’s needs to those of a large corporation.

I personally use Rowfeeder and recommend it, here’s to waiting for their next big release. Go check it out!

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