Battle it out on Foursquare with Mayor War!

Battle it out on Foursquare with Mayor War!

TNW Quick Hit

Love it: Build an army and attack venues on Foursquare.

Hate it: Winning the battle doesn’t crown you as Mayor.

Overall: 4/5

The Details

“Checking-in” too passive for you? Want to get revenge on that Mayor that just trumped you out? Do it on Mayor War, a social gaming app for foursquare that allows you to build an army and attack other venues.

The rules of the game are simple: choose your home base, target a venue and select one of the shameful method of attack. By winning, you earn experience points and a gold bonus, which can be used to buy more weapons.

To get closer to your targets, recruit friends and attack from their Mayorships. One word of caution: when you attack, be prepared for a counter.

Download the app or learn more at

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