Typo prone? Grammar deficient? Wordy is here to help.

Typo prone? Grammar deficient? Wordy is here to help.

TNW Quick Hit

Wordy is a WordPress plugin (and external service) that will be your on-call proof-reader.

Love It: 137 editors at  your fingertips? Yes, please, because grammar mistakes are embarrassing.

Hate It: Paying money to feel dumb? That hurts.

Overall: 5/5

The Details

One of the common things that @Alex and I talk about is our need of someone to proofread what we write. Facing facts, we feel that we’re pretty capable writers, but everyone makes mistakes.

Wordy’s goal is to keep those mistakes from getting the “Publish” button.

While Wordy has a service outside of WordPress, we’re WordPress lovers here at TNW. Because of that, it’s the WordPress plugin that really interests us.

With the WordPress plugin, once you’ve written your piece, getting it edited by the Wordy staff is as easy as pressing a button to send your text off to Wordy. A 400 word piece takes an average of 33 minutes to get edited and then approved for publishing. Use that time to get yourself a cool beverage.

To give you an idea on pricing, this review of Wordy would cost me € 3.44 and would take a mere 10 minutes to arrive back in my typo-prone fingers. Given the low cost, quick turnaround and built-in functionality with the Wordy plugin, it’s an overall great value and certainly something worth looking into for professional publishing.

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