The slickest way we’ve seen to share sites and images?

The slickest way we’ve seen to share sites and images?

Here at The Next Web, we talk about a lot of sites and share a lot of pictures with our readers. More often than not, the best we can do is take a screenshot of a site and let you have a look at a small portion of it. has likely just changed how you’ll share sites and high resolution images forever. is a product of the Microsoft Live Labs and is still in the experimental phases. The idea is that you head to, input a URL of a site or image and then you’re given a viewer that will let you examine the image as a whole, zooming in and out at will. Here’s an example, using TNW: is running on the Windows Azure platform, and uses Microsoft Silverlight to display the images. Using the service is incredibly easy, and the results as you can see are very slick.

For you code hacker types, there’s an API available, with the caveat that is still in experiment phase, so you probably shouldn’t use it for something that you’re planning on selling down the road.

As for me? I’m no code hacker, but you can bet that I’ll be embedding site previews for as long as its possible.

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