GTL! Spread Snooki iPhone app, well, spreads Snooki.

GTL! Spread Snooki iPhone app, well, spreads Snooki.

TNW Quick Hit

MTV’s Jersey Shore: Spread Snooki iPhone app isn’t as disgusting as it sounds.  The app allows you to add “Snooki” to any picture you take with your iPhone.

Love It: Adds some awesome to your iPhone photos.

Hate It: You have to pay to add some awesome to your photos.

Overall: 4/5

The Details

Freshly released, MTV’s Jersey Shore: Spread Snooki, is the latest app from MTV (didn’t they used to play music videos?) promoting their hit Jersey Shore.

The app is pretty straight forward, you snap a picture, and then add everyone’s favorite, overly tanned, self-proclaimed “Queen of Poughkeepsie,” Snooki to your photos.

Is there anything not to like about superimposing Snooki’s face or fist pumping into an existing photo with you and your Nanna, a photo at your child’s Bar mitzvah/Bat mitzvah, or next to a picture you’ve taken of yourself which you then intend to send home to your parenets announcing your surprise engagement?  I didn’t think so.

With “Spread Snooki,” essentially low-rent photoshopping on your iPhone has never been more fun!

There’s more.  When you add Snooki to any and every picture, you can then share it with the world by instantly uploading it to Facebook, Twitter, or sending it by email.

If you’re a Jersey Shore fan, and let’s be honest who isn’t, MTV’s Jersey Shore: Spread Snooki is a must have.  The only reason it doesn’t get 5/5 is that $.99 price-tag.  Well played, MTV.  Well played.  There goes one more of my hard earned dollars.

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