Facebook for Android upgrades from mediocre to great.

Facebook for Android upgrades from mediocre to great.

In one of those “it’s about time” moments, Facebook for Android has finally caught up with the iPhone version. Events, a photo stream and even one-click status updates are finally at our robot-loving fingertips.

The notifications screen is probably the most…um…notable update. Instead of having to exit to the main screen, notifications now sit in a slide-up tray at the bottom of the application.

Beyond the immediately obvious, video playback finally comes to the Android in the H.264 format and you’re able to respond to friend requests without having to head to the browser interface.

That lovely interface along the bottom? It’s the photo stream that will let you know not only about your friends’ shared photos, but their videos as well.

All in all, some much needed upgrades to the black sheep of the Facebook mobile family.

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