Digg Launches New Developer Site For Upcoming Redesign

Digg Launches New Developer Site For Upcoming Redesign

No, the new Digg is not out yet, but that is not stopping the company from getting all their ducks in a row. If you are a developer who has worked with the previous (version 3) of Digg, this is going to be important to you: the developer hub for the new Digg is live.

Given the radical overhaul of Digg that the soon to come launch will be, you can bet that you are going to want to adapt your code to take advantage of everything that is new, like say, the v4 API.

The website, developers.new.digg.com, has toolkits, examples, Oauth support, and documentation to get you out the gate at full speed. Perhaps the most interesting thing to be found on the website, unless code gets you all hot and bothered, is Digg Lite, an example of what can be built with Digg’s new API.

Launched on a separate website, everyone can play with Digg Lite. Called “An open-source, OAuth application to showcase Digg’s new API,” you can download its sourecode as an example to get your development juices flowing.

This is all well and nice Digg, but when are we going to actually get this new Digg into the wild?

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