Online analytics for your offline advertising? That’s Traklabs.

Online analytics for your offline advertising? That’s Traklabs.

First off, let’s just lay it out there: if you own a brand and you’re not using Google Analytics, you’re leaving money on the table. That said, you’re likely using a few different sources of advertising, so how do you keep track of all of them? To complicate matters more, how about those forms that aren’t traditionally online such as billboards and radio/TV advertising?

Traklabs has the answer.

The idea is fairly straightforward: Traklabs assigns a different URL to each of your advertising sources, then rolls all of those URLs to a single landing page from which your analytics are measured.

Traklabs then goes to work to give you a wealth of information about your campaigns, helping you to decide which forms of advertising are most effective for you and allowing you the chance to change things before you waste money.

Traklabs’ lovely user interface gives you easy access to setting up campaigns and goals, just as you would with any analytics tracking service. However, the ability to track offline advertising ROI is what really sets the Traklabs apart from the crowd.

With its own URL shortener, you’ll be able to keep track of offline and online media in three dimensions:

Traklabs doesn’t simply track hit activity. We incorporate three variables (per URL) to give you complete control over your tracking:

Campaign: The high-level name for the marketing campaign or program that you media is a facet of. Examples of this would be “Q3 Initiatives” or “Summer Promotion”.

Medium: The delivery mechanism of your media. Examples of this woul be “Radio”, “Email” or “Outdoor”.

Source: The specific origin of your media, such as “Michigan Avenue Billboard” or “Member Newsletter”

These tracking variables are assigned to each and every one of your Tracking URLs, and then fed to your existing Google Analytics account, giving you complete, closed-loop look at your marketing performance.

Pricing, both for brands and agencies, is fairly straightforward and actually very affordable. With ranges from $25 to $1000/month, there are plans that should fit any size of business, without having to go broke. Though John Roa, one of the brains behind Traklabs, tells me that users will soon be able to fully customize a plan to fit their needs.

So there’s the rundown. Make sure to check out the Traklabs Tour to get a better understanding of what the service can do and make sure to tell them hi from TNW when you sign up.

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