App Exchange lets iPhone app developers turn crap into cash.

App Exchange lets iPhone app developers turn crap into cash.

At WWDC Apple CEO Steve Jobs proudly proclaimed that to date they had paid out over a billion dollars to application developers creating apps for the App Store.  What he didn’t address, can’t imagine why, is what of the developers who put their blood, sweat and tears into an app that is, let’s just say, less than successful?

Fortunately for those developers that have experienced sub-par app sales or abject app failure,  app tracking site iPhone Application List has created the App Exchange, where only two apps are currently for sale, Barcode Reader from Shape Services, and Sky Racer 2 from Warelex.

“App Exchange is an open marketplace to buy or sell apps and underlying technology. eBay acquired Red Laser. Disney purchased Tapulous. Your app can be the next!”  If you’re intelligent enough to create an app, you probably realize the aforementioned sentence is laced with hyperbole, but you get the idea.

Using App Exchange, developers can relieve themselves of their app(s) to a willing buyer who may find more success in marketing and selling the product or who would like to use the technology in one of their own creations.

How do you submit your app for sale?  Send App Exchange an email, describe your app, its potential, in addition to, “history facts such as release date, number of downloads, number of active users (where applied), specify if you provide the app with the source code and whether maintenance is possible.”

It should be noted that apps released over a year ago, and which haven’t experienced much, if any, success, will not be listed for sale.

Are you in the market for apps/app technology or want to sell your creation to another party?  Do you think App Exchange will be a success and spawn offshoots attempting to offer similar services?

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