Lack motivation? The adidas miCoach app will whip you into shape.

Lack motivation? The adidas miCoach app will whip you into shape.

TNW Quick Hit

adidas miCoach is an app featuring sports-specific training programs for iPhone and Blackberry users.

Love It: Free app designed for sports and fitness enthusiasts, amateurs and professionals alike.

Hate It: Another reminder, this one courtesy of your smartphone, of just how out of shape you are.

Overall: 5/5

The Details:

Released today, the adidas miCoach app, adidas extends its personal coaching program for running and introduces six specific conditioning programs for basketball, football, running, soccer, and tennis as well as an additional program for staying fit.

Taking training a step further than traditional smartphone apps, adidas miCoach for iPhone and Blackberry provides workouts and conditioning aimed at specific sports, including tennis, soccer, and football, and more.

adidas miCoach also gives runners a real-time audible training system, featuring pace guided voice coaching and personalized workout plans, all created by some of the world’s top professional trainers.

“The introduction of the miCoach app and sports-specific training plans was the natural next step to bring miCoach to an even wider audience. At adidas we work with the world’s best coaches and athletes and we wanted to share this knowledge and experience with our consumers to inspire and to help them reach their personal goals,” says Bernd Wahler, Chief Marketing Officer of adidas Sport Performance.

The app collects a great deal of data, tracking workouts with bargraphs and charts, which automatically sync to adidas miCoach’s online manager.

Further, the iPhone’s GPS tracks your run on Google Maps,  gives you visual image of your running route, with speed, distance, and elevation data collected.

adidas miCoach is an excellent, free, addition to one’s fitness arsenal.  With professional coaches urging you on and providing you with optimal training techniques, adidas miCoach is definitely worth downloading whether you’re a couch potato, weekend warrior or professional athlete.

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