Dropbox Blackberry app moves closer to reality.

Dropbox Blackberry app moves closer to reality.

Dropbox, which recently announced the ability to email files to one’s Dropbox account, is now beta testing their Blackberry app.

Dropbox allows its users to sync files, store them in the cloud and access them across multiple devices through the Dropbox folder on your computer, with 2GB of free space in provided to all users, and the option to purchase more.

The good news?  Their will be a Blackberry Dropbox app.  The bad news?  If you wanted to be one of the beta users, the 1,000 slots allotted have already been filled.

Similar to the fantastic iPhone, iPad and Android versions of the Dropbox app, the Blackberry version will allow users to open files, stream movies, stream music and view pictures from your mobile device, in addition to allowing you to upload files created on your mobile phone, to your Dropbox account.

Are you a Dropbox user?  Excited to hear a Blackberry version is in the offing?

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