slums up the iPhone with Feature Creature – Funny Shoppers app. slums up the iPhone with Feature Creature – Funny Shoppers app.

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Feature Creature – Funny Shoppers is the free iPhone app version of

Love it: One of the greatest and most hilarious internet time kills is now available on the iPhone.

Hate it: Inability to post favorites and personal discoveries to social networks.  Having a constant reminder that those featured on the site and now, app, inhabit the same earth as I do.

Overall: 4/5

The Details:, one of the great websites for viewing odd humans and in the process making oneself feel normal, has launched an iPhone app which brings the best of its website straight to your phone.

The app, called “Feature Creature – Funny Shoppers,” has removed Walmart  from its name (probably to avoid a potentially filthy lawsuit) but has kept all the fun.

According to the developers, ALA Design, LLC, the app can be described in the following way, “You know that person you spot every time you go shopping at certain chain department store? That’s Feature Creature. It’s like spotting the Loch Ness Monster or Bigfoot, only this creature is shopping for Doritos and wearing a camouflage moo-moo at your local store. Snap a picture, tell us about your spotting and we’ll share it with the world.”

The Feature Creature iPhone app allows one to browse all of the hilarious archived photos, share a picture of your own by choosing a photo of an existing person from your iPhone’s photos, or snap a picture while in the app, and then sending the photo to Feature Creature with the built-in photo submission capabilities.

Feature Creature – Funny Shoppers is a good, not great, app at this point.  Their are occasional crashes, and it would be nice to email images and post great finds to social networks.  The developers will no doubt add these features in the future, with, “future updates and features will be dependent upon the feedback we receive and the users we reach.”

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