Music Xray S20 is an artist’s music matchmaker.

Music Xray S20 is an artist’s music matchmaker.

Music Xray is a platform for music industry professionals to get song submissions from artists and rights holders, now offers song-to-opportunity matching service called S2O, which automatically pairs songs with possible commercial opportunities.

The service is free, and easy to use.  An artist is required to upload songs for free into Music Xray’s database and each time an industry professional seeks a song for a specific opportunity S2O will alert artists of the new opportunity.   Further, artists can also sign up on the site to get a weekly tip sheet e-mail alerting them to new submission opportunities. Currently, that

An interesting feature of the service is, “Some of the hundreds of industry professionals who use Music Xray to find songs and acts have given us “seed” songs; i.e. songs that have a similar style and sound to those they would like to receive from submitters. “  The site doesn’t ask one to blindly submit songs, they assist you in creating pieces, enhancing your song’s ability to be chosen.

Music Xray does this by using computers to analyze acoustic properties and underlying mathematical patterns of the “seed” songs and then compares them with songs uploaded by artists, songwriters and other song rights holders.  When a match is detected, the artist is notified.

This is a fantastic service for artists looking to make a commercial splash, and more importantly, money.  It is important to note that if you receive an alert it does not mean “your song has been chosen for an opportunity nor that it has even been submitted for consideration.”

However, S2O Matching will increase your chances of getting song selected provided you submit something.  You can upload songs here for free and being the music matchmaking process.

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