Does your website suck? Get some Expert Feedback.

Does your website suck? Get some Expert Feedback.

TNW Quick Hit

Expert Feedback gives you up to 5 experts in 3 areas that help you build a better website.

Love It: The parent company has a huge list of credentials. Great service.

Hate It: Prices might be high for some users.

Overall: 4/5*

The Details

You’ve probably heard of Concept Feedback. If not, the short version is that it’s a community of website reviewers. Combine that with Concept’s sister site Public Feedback and you have an amazing group of over 7,000 users who love to review websites.

Today, however, there is a trifecta. ExpertFeedback lets you pick from 1 to 5 experts in the areas of Design, Usability and Marketing who will pick your site apart and let you know how you can make it better. While the crowdsource design of Public Feeback will work for many, Expert Feedback gives you a panel of assured experts, instead of just those claiming to be.

So why the star on the score? Simply because the 4/5 score relies heavily on what the experts would tell you. I have a hard time recommending any service before seeing its results, but Expert Feedback seems to be on the right path.

Is it worth the money? If you’re building a site that you plan to use as a source of profit, then yes. It’s absolutely worth it. The names on the Expert Feedback roster are impressive, and so is their track record.

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