Defend Your Twitpic Privacy with CamouTweet.

Defend Your Twitpic Privacy with CamouTweet.

censoredTNW Quick Hit

What it is: Tool that blacks out selected areas of Twitpics.

Love it: Select, edit and tweet. It’s that simple.

Hate it: One size blackout brush. No erase/undo functionality.

Overall: 4/5

The Details

Whether you want to protect sensitive information on a screenshot or paper-bag that friend’s face you don’t want to be seen with – we can all benefit from a little self-censorship from time to time. This app allows for more privacy in twitpics and could open the door to some fun experimentation.

CamouTweet is the one-stop app to select, edit and tweet your picture. There are no fancy editing tools, just a black brush with no brush size or erase options. One drawback is that there is no cancel button.

Overall, CamouTweet promises to be useful and fun. One question remains however: is it a coincidence that this self-censorship app was published the same day Kanye West joined Twitter?

#predictedKanyeWestTwitpics anyone?

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