Unleash your inner math geek. iSetSquare puts the iPhone 4’s gyro to the test.

Unleash your inner math geek. iSetSquare puts the iPhone 4’s gyro to the test.

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iSetSquare – Geometry Drawing Triangle is a measurement app exclusive to iPhone 4 which makes use of iPhone 4’s built in gyroscope to measure angular movement.

Love It: Allows anyone to measure the angle and width of objects.

Hate It: Gyroscope may drift causing inaccurate readings.

Overall: 4/5

The Details:

I am no Euclid, sorry to disappoint, but once upon a time I was quite the geometry whiz.  Not something one wants to be known for in high school, but I digress.

iSetSquare – Geometry Drawing Triangle, by plaincode, is a new app exclusive to iPhone 4 that takes full advantage of iPhone 4’s built-in gyroscope to measure angular movement.  By using the gyroscope, iSetSquare provides highly accurate results when measuring an angular turn in any direction, even when your iPhone 4 is laying flat.

The app features:

Measure relative angles and rotation counter

5 Unit modes, with a quick switch

Background or foreground display rotation

Fine calibration of the gyrometer

Motion sensitive or manual lock mode

Scrollable ruler (inch or cm)

iSetSquare also allows the user to measure angles in degrees, radians, percentages, or slope, and offers the ability to change the unit of measurement from a single button in the settings menu.

The scrollable ruler is capable of measuring linear distances in both centimeters and inches, the goniometer allows one to spin the protractor on its axis or lock it to spin the wheel beneath it, and the ruler can easily be set to zero with a double tap.  Under the settings panel, sensitivity can be adjusted, calibration can be reset, and more.

Right now, the app is offered at an introductory rate of $.99, so for anyone that owns iPhone 4 and is a carpenter, drafter, mathematician or homeowner, iSetSquare is a handy app that anyone that is deficient in mathematics and needs good, precise, measurement tools, can certainly use.

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