The Antique Wine Company iPhone app will rock your tannin-loving tastebuds.

The Antique Wine Company iPhone app will rock your tannin-loving tastebuds.

TNW Quick Hit

The Antique Wine Company’s free iPhone app is grand for both serious wine connoisseurs and greenhorns.

Love It: In app podcasts, over 2,000 wines cataloged and purchase information.

Hate It: Only 2,000 wines cataloged, not optimized for iOS 4.

Overall: 4/5

The Details

Do you enjoy wine?  By that I mean good wine, not MD 20/20.  The Antique Wine Company’s iPhone app is just what those that know wine and those that want to know wine, need.

The Antique Wine Company touts itself, “As one of the world’s foremost wine merchants,” in addition to providing “services we have tailored to help you maximize your pleasure in, and enjoyment of, exceptional wine.”

The enjoyment, and knowledge, of fine wine shows in iPhone app of The Antique Wine Company.

The app includes an extensive list of tasting notes featuring most of the world’s finest old and rare vintages as well as the most recent vintages, and is also available off-line, allowing one to browse the finest wines regardless of location or connectivity.

Search for wines by region, vintage and price.

Using their constantly updated wine list to browse over 2,000 wines and view tasting notes, which are stored to your phone.

View prices in multiple currencies, including sterling, US dollar and Euro.

Download informative Podcasts, covering all aspects of wine knowledge.

The app even offers links to The Antique Wine Company’s website where wines you have encountered within the app, saved to your “Enquiry List,” and now which to purchase, is easily accomplished should you wish to purchase a bottle or an entire case.

The app is free, provides a great deal of information and is a must download for anyone remotely interested in the world of fine wines.  While you’re at it, get The Bad Decision Blocker and/or Don’t Dial!, just in case you become too interested in the world of fine wines.

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