AppsFire now tracks changes to your favorite iPhone applications.

AppsFire now tracks changes to your favorite iPhone applications.

If you’re an apps junky, and you know you are, then staying on top of the latest releases is a sometimes-daunting task. AppsFire is hoping to give some assistance with the first App Tracker for the Apps Store.

The App Tracker is a rather handy browser-based application that will let you choose apps by name, or even by category, and then will email you when the application updates or otherwise changes (price, compatibility, etc.). Beyond keeping you up to date, however, App Tracker also wants to help you discover new applications.

Who really needs all of this information? According to AppsFire, you do:

  • App Collectors: you need all the app about one topic (apps for cars)
  • Price Shoppers: you spot an app that you want, but feels it is too expensive? track it to get it when the price changes. hundreds of apps shift prices every day! don’t miss them!
  • App lovers (all of us i guess!): you love a specific app and want to know when the next version is coming. you can also see that in your App store update section, but honestly you will feel instantly the difference. Email has something magical about bringing clarity
  • Curious developers: want to track any changes on your own app (for ratings mainly). you deserve to know when your app get a better rating and let’s say it, it is hard to get to the App store every day to check that
  • Competition trackers: you have built a great app (say a news app) but want a better overview of your field, just track any news app coming from the app store
  • Bloggers/journalists/researchers: interested in a specific type of apps for review (apps for cars), use the App Search tracker to track any novelty in a particular vertical

I’m giving it a shot, and so far it’s pretty slick. The updates sent to email are formatted perfectly for the iPhone/iPod Touch, and they will let you know what changes have happened with your apps of choice. While you could spend time digging through the Apps Store or checking for new stuff manually, the Apps Tracker from AppsFire is just a better solution.

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