Verses For iPad Is A Killer Fun Application

Verses For iPad Is A Killer Fun Application

TNW Quick Hit

Verses is a great new take on the old refrigerator word magnets you have played with for so many years.

Love It: A good, fun, collaborative experience. Sharable with friends. The magnets are popular for a reason. Many words available. Extra dictionaries on sale. Free.

Hate It: Gets cluttered, could use some UI cleanup. Needs more total free words. Hard to put down.

Overall: 4/5

The Details: iPads are amazing devices that can re-illuminate childhood favorites in new ways that blend modern technology and old-fashioned fun. Verses is an excellent application of this truth.

Dictionaries of other words (hip-hop, LOL-tionary, Shakespeare, etc) cost a dollar a piece to spice up your creations, allowing you to get very, very creative.

For a free application, Verses is very well designed, engaging, and a must download for iPad.

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