Stick it to the Man and email while driving with Text’nDrive.

Stick it to the Man and email while driving with Text’nDrive.

[Upadated: Pro version now 50% off, only $9.99!] TNW Quick Hit

Text’nDrive allows one to, get this, send emails while driving!

Love it: Excellent for listening and replying to emails while on the go.

Hate it: Free version allows for listening to emails, only supports emails of up to 45 words and won’t allow one to reply.

Overall: 4/5

The Details:

Text’nDrive by HandsFree Software allows one to listen and reply to an email without ever taking your hands off of the wheel.  Text’nDrive works with every email provider on BlackBerry, will soon be available for Android, and for those with the iPhone, the application works best for users of Gmail, AOL, Hotmail and MobileMe.

With Text’nDrive launched, any new emails sent to your inbox will be instantaneously read aloud to you, including the sender’s name, email’s subject, and the full text of the email.

By upgrading to the “Pro” version, replying is as simple as saying “reply to this message.”  When replying, speak as clearly as possible and to conclude your email simply stop talking.  Text’nDrive  will note the message is complete and send it to the party you are replying to. the message is complete and send it off.

Text’nDrive supports hands-free devices,  allows one to customize when it will check for new email, detects languages, and provides the option to have a customized auto-response message sent when you are finished listening to a new email.

The app isn’t perfect, however.  Text’nDrive does not support use of multiple email accounts at once,  playback of emails is done at a preset speed, there’s no way to re-listen to messages or re-record a reply, and one’s reply is sent as an audio message, not text.

Text’nDrive is free with limited functionality, while Text’nDrive Pro is $19.99.  The free version is certainly worth trying, and for those who travel frequently, are constantly on the go, dislike reading copious amounts of email and having to type a response no matter where you are, Text’nDrive Pro is definitely worth the upgrade.

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