FourAmour App Brings Social Flirting to Foursquare

FourAmour App Brings Social Flirting to Foursquare

TNW Quick Hit

Foursquare in a Coffee Shop

Love it: A second chance to say what you wanted.

Hate it: The world is watching you say it. No take backs.

The Details

Do you “check out” when you check-in?

FourAmour, an app powered by Foursquare, can help you get that special someone’s attention. FourAmour is a missed connection feed that lets users tag their message to their check-ins on Foursquare.

See if you caught someone’s eye by viewing a feed of all the missed connections for places you’ve visited. Watch connections blossom by reading the general global feed. Post your own missed connection and even add in a picture (if you are daring enough).

FourAmour is a free app that can be downloaded from the iStore. There are just a handful of declarations up so far but let’s see how this plays out!

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