Popscreen helps you discover cool videos, then predicts how popular they will become.

Popscreen helps you discover cool videos, then predicts how popular they will become.

When you absolutely, positively have to be the first of your friends to see the coolest new videos, there’s a new site that is making sure it happens.  Popscreen is making a run on the headline-forming videos that change by the minute.

The site is simple enough, showing videos that are relevant to your selected interests.  Beyond that, though, you’re able to create your own video channel and then share those with your friends.

It’s fed through a network of Featured Influencers, including Shareables right here at TNW, to assure that you’re always getting fresh content.  What’s really cool about Popscreen, though, is its ability to predict what’s up and coming.

As content is fed into the service, the algorithms go to work to decide if a video is going to boom or bust.  Popscreen will then give you the chance to look at predicted traffic for the video, keeping you ahead of the information curve.

The video player for Popscreen is beautifully done, with a wealth of features.  Of course you can share across a number of social networks, but you also have some player choices that are second-to-none.

  • Lights Off – Wims the Popscreen site so that your video comes to focus.
  • Widescreen – Watch your chosen video in 16:9 or standard 4:3
  • Pop It – Somewhat like Digging a story, which keeps the video going higher.

What’s most impressive, for me, is how Popscreen manages to add so many features while still keeping the playback smooth.  Other video services that I’ve looked at in the past tend to get very choppy with any sort of custom overlay.

It’s a cool site, with a lot of potential.  But, in order to fully shine, it needs users.  So head over to Popscreen and give it a spin.  Let us know what you think.

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