Fallen? Can’t get up? Cradar for Android will alert someone for you.

Fallen?  Can’t get up?  Cradar for Android will alert someone for you.

TNW Quick Hit

Cradar is a motion sensing application that should alert someone if you’ve been hurt in a crash or fall.

Love It: Really simple. Appears effective.

Hate It: A bit too sensitive.

Overall: 4/5

The Details

Cradar (CRAsh Detection And Response) is an Android-based application that you activate if you’re going out alone and think something might go wrong.  The app lets you pick a contact and, if your phone’s accelerometer thinks that you’ve fallen, crashed or otherwise gotten hurt, Cradar will go to work getting in touch with your contact.

Obviously, this isn’t for the accident-prone person who just walks around their house.  The market here is for cyclists, hikers, climbers and the like.

If Cradar does go into its active mode, you’ll have a few seconds to either get yourself moving, or to manually cancel the contact.  The app has a few sensitivity settings, but I’ve found that even the lowest is still a bit too sensitive.

Overall, for the right user, Cradar is a great protective application.  Better still is the fact that you can grab it for free from the Android Market.

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