Updated AT&T myWireless app locates where your coverage won’t suck.


Good news for those of you who have iPhone 4 and are experiencing a higher number of dropped calls than those with iPhone 3GS.  While you wait on the “solution” offered by Apple, a free bumper or case, the free AT&T myWireless Mobile app has been updated to aid you in finding quality service or a place to enjoy Apple’s FaceTime.

The updated AT&T myWireless Mobile app v1.4 has 3 new features:

• iOS 4 compatible (shouldn’t it have been from day one?)
• AT&T Wi-Fi Locator (finally!)
• Enhanced messaging and alerts to support display of unbilled data usage (could care less.)

Now with your older iPhone, or new, lemon of an iPhone, you can search for Wi-Fi hotspots in airports, Barnes & Noble stores, one of fifty local Starbucks, McDonald’s, and all points in between the U.S., Canada, Europe, Central America & Caribbean, South America, Asia, Australia, Middle East, and Africa.

If you are fortunate to have a strong wireless signal, update your AT&T myWireless Mobile app, start a FaceTime session, find a free internet connection, and/or keep track of anything associated with your wireless service from the “nation’s fastest 3G network.”

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