Vokle wants to give everyone a custom video conference platform.

Vokle wants to give everyone a custom video conference platform.

Getting social, and staying that way is becoming easier every day.  Vokle wants to help you take social to the next step by providing you with your own customized, branded video chat platform.

I spent some time talking with Shant Kiraz, one of the brains behind the project. We did a demo Vokle session and I have to say that I was pretty impressed.  To give you an idea of what Vokle does, here’s a video of Huffinton Post’s Arianna Huffington doing a Vokle session:

The genius behind Vokle really comes down to the things you might not see:

  • Remote co-hosts
  • Video pre-screening
  • Live video editing

While your viewers only see your video window, plus a feedback and chat area, behind the scenes you’re party to a wealth of information.  Questions and comments can be sent, en masse, then editorially chosen so that only the most relevant content comes through.

And the really cool feature?  Since Vokle is all about video, viewers can even send in video questions, which can be pre-screened, and then aired to the audience.

Vokle has already been picked up and used by some big names.  Gary Vaynerchuk did a live Q&A session over the service, and seemed to love it.  Obviously, from the video, Arianna Huffington was impressed and Imogen Heap even did live auditions for a cellist for her latest tour.

According to Kiraz, the true idea behind Vokle was to give a platform for speakers such as politicians.  However, since you can customize Vokle to fit your business’ branding and since the platform is so easy to use, it’s gaining traction with the rest of us as well.

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