SkypeKit (beta) available for MacOS X and Windows


SkypeKitSkype have released their SkypeKit for Windows and MacOS X, following the launch of the Linux version a few weeks ago. Though this may not sound that exciting, it may truly revolutionise the market with VoIP being made available everywhere.

SkypeKit is a set of APIs (application programming interfaces) into Skype’s services allowing developers to integrate Skype directly into their applications without any need to utilise or load the Skype program itself. The APIs give access to voice, video as well as chat functionality and the clearer audio of the HD  SILK codec. This means that any application can now use Skype on pretty much any environment and they may stand a chance of fighting off Google Voice which so far has only been released in the US and is only configurable via the web or via and Android client though the acquisition of Gizmo5 (a VoIP player) may give them a front-end.

Plugged into SkypeThe toolkit is available to Skype Developers (initially on a limited basis) with a public roll-out due later this year. Developer membership will cost $20 per year giving the develop the ability to use the “plugged into Skype” logo

Skype will not allow SkypeKit to be used for “adult themed” or gambling applications.

Skype are obviously taking the Google threat seriously and want to make it so easy to use Skype that it becomes the VoIP application of choice on every operating system everywhere as Skype already operate in most countries. What will Google do in response?

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