Tumblr: Now With 100% More Oauth Support

Tumblr: Now With 100% More Oauth Support

It’s everywhere!  Oauth, that is. The latest site on our radar to grab the cross-platform support is Tumblr.

According to the Tumblr blog, it will look a lot like Twitter’s support, as far as developers are concerned. No worries, as the former methods are still supported for the time being, but will be phased out soon.

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For users, it will mean that you’ll soon have much easier access for cross posting and pulling content into your Tumblr blog.

If you’re not familiar with Tumblr, it’s a great service that allows you to quickly publish blog posts, as well as sharing content that you find around the Internet.  While doing so, you can choose to follow other Tumblr users to form your own social network within the site.

Check out the Tumblr blog for full details on the Oauth integration.

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