Kayak’s awesome iPad app updates with the Explore feature.

Kayak’s awesome iPad app updates with the Explore feature.

In the world of iPad applications, the ones that use the device’s screen to the greatest function are the ones that ultimately stand out.  Kayak’s application does this exceptionally well, and has an added feature that might just make things more fun to boot.

While most travel sites have only the basic features of choosing your location and your flight time, Kayak has implemented a feature called Explore.  Explore will let you choose a price, and then start narrowing down where you can afford to fly within a given set of dates.

We could write a ton about this, and why it’s so revolutionary to the industry, but the fact is that it’s something that should have been done long ago.  Not to steal Kayak’s thunder, mind you.  Quite the opposite, in fact.  We’re glad to see applications that not only use the full real estate of a device such as the iPad, but also go a step further in making an often-tedious experience into something you’d actually want to do.

Kayak for iPad is a free download from the App Store.

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