ChumpDump turns Twitter into a loser-ditching game.

ChumpDump turns Twitter into a loser-ditching game.

It used to be that we had creative ways of getting new followers on Twitter.  More recently, however, it seems that we’re finding creative ways to get rid of them.

Enter ChumpDump.

It’s an application that acts as a daily lottery of your friends.  Each day, one of them “wins” and ChumpDump goes to work doing its magic.  ChumpDump will find out a few things about your winning friend, including whether they follow you, how many DM’s and how many replies, as well as a few other factors.

Those numbers, then, get combined into a clout score and an analytics-style social graph.  Then comes the hard part.  Do they stay or do they go?

When you choose to save them or dump them, you’ll tell the factors behind your decision, which earns you more points.  These points add to your overall Karma Score, which is somewhat the game within the game.

The idea, says ChumpDump’s author, is to give people clues about how to be a better Twitter user. Now, will this ultimately change how people use Twitter overall?  Not likely.  But for the Follow Friday and Follow-Back crowd, it’s an interesting way to play around with your followers and see exactly who’s out there.

ChumpDump is available for iPhone or Android, and you can follow @ChumpDump on Twitter as well.

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