YouTube Leanback via Wii remote? WiiLeanback.

YouTube Leanback via Wii remote?  WiiLeanback.

We’ve seen cool uses for the Wii remotes in the past, but this is probably the handiest one I’ve run into yet.  If you have a Wii remote (no system required) you’ll soon be able to control YouTube Leanback with it.

If you missed it, YouTube Leanback is YouTube, made for relaxing.  6 buttons control everything, but you can read the details in our post about the newly-introduced service.

With WiiLeanback, you’ll be able to connect your Wii remote to your PC via Bluetooth and use the controller’s buttons to navigate around YouTube Leanback.  I could talk about it more, but check out the video:

From what I’ve been told, the WiiLeanback software is ready to go, but the installation and configuration are still in alpha stages. However, that should change in the next couple of weeks, and we’ll be sure to update you when you can grab the software for yourself.

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